Budweiser Gardens

London, ON

Venue Management, Food Services & Hospitality, Partnerships

100,000 sq. ft. or less exhibit space

  • Capacity: 10,000
  • Metro Population: 404,699
  • In-House Marketing Capabilities: The Budweiser Gardens Marketing team can assist with the numerous details involved in successfully marketing an event, including but not limited to; production and placement of print, radio, digital, and out-of-home. Budweiser Gardens can also assist with grassroots promotions, public relations, and publicity needed to ensure ticket sales through the venue’s Advertising Program. Additionally, we offer full-service graphic design services, effective social media strategies, and viral marketing campaigns.

Booking Contacts:
Brian Ohl, General Manager: brian.ohl@oakviewgrouo.com | 519-667-5732

Kelly Austin, Assistant General Manager & Director of Marketing: kelly.austin@oakviewgroup.com | 519-667-5733

Budweiser Gardens opened in October of 2002 with a seating capacity of 9,036 for hockey and ice events, and over 10,000 for concerts, family shows, and other events. The venue not only strives to meet the needs of the community through diverse programming, it also stands as a landmark of civic pride and community accessibility, promoting a sense of vibrancy and culture while also providing a wide range of public sports and entertainment.

Constructed in the heart of downtown London, the exterior design of Budweiser Gardens incorporates a replica of the facade of the old Talbot Inn, a 19th Century Inn originally located where the building now stands. With a reputation and standard of excellence in the industry, Budweiser Gardens is a top stop for fans and performers alike.