Welcome to Oak View Group

We are here to be a positive disruption to business as usual in the sports and live entertainment industry.

We will not be limited by the possible.

It’s not enough to consider what our clients could be, we build business by dreaming of the impossible while thinking strategically and how to execute flawlessly.

We are fans first and that is what drives our passion for innovating and improving the live experience.

The Status Quo is our adversary.

OVG Business Development

Relationships and collaboration are at the core of how we work, reaching far beyond any facility management, branding or marketing company.


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OVG Global Partnerships

OVG’s sponsorship and storytelling division, connecting world class brands with world class properties.


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OVG Media & Conferences

OVG Media & Conferences exists to propel the industry forward through communicating relevant industry information and building innovative experiences.


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Arena Alliance

An invitation-only group of major market arenas, gaining collective leverage through buying, selling, booking and thinking together.


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OVG Facilities

Unprecedented Resources…Unprecedented Results for Venue Management and Event Programming

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Prevent Advisors

OVG’s security advisory arm, creating world class public safety solutions for venues in an ever changing world.


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OVG International

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