36 of the top Arenas and 9 of the top stadiums in North America partnering together for the first time in history.

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Our Primary Areas of Expertise

The Arena Alliance provides each member the unique opportunity to Buy, Sell, Book, and Think Together. It is about connecting world-class brands to over 169 million high discretionary consumers in the top metropolitan media markets and about aggressively advocating for and influencing content on behalf of our venues.

Delivering New Sponsorship Revenue

Arenas are losing major marketing dollars because today’s innovative brands do not want to buy single activations or markets, they want national platforms. OVG’s Arena Alliance and our Global Partnerships team is here to complement each venue’s existing sales and partnership efforts. By connecting the total Alliance assets, we help each Arena build national platforms to elevate a brand’s marketing campaign and together we collectively help brands tell more compelling stories, reach new live audiences and drive unparalleled engagement. Creativity begins with the approach and we have deep relationships with brands in categories that are largely overlooked and difficult to penetrate. We succeed because we know what stories they want to tell and we align our partner resources accordingly. In less than three years we have successfully raised over $120 million for our Arena members.

Influencing Content for our Members

The OVG Arena Alliance serves as a resource and booking advocate for the best concert Arenas in North America. We aggregate and disseminate venue calendars and information to support promoters, agents, and managers who are working on national Arena tours and one-off events to streamline the booking process. The Arena Alliance platform also provides a forum for marketing executives, operations teams, and security personnel to share information and best practices. Our aim is to maximize ticket sales and ensure a world class experience for the greatest artists in the world and their fans. Contact our booking team at booking@oakviewgroup.com

Global Brands Investing in Arena Alliance

Stadium Alliance

Oak View Group founded the Stadium Alliance under Arena Alliance in 2015 with the goal of assisting major league ballparks and stadiums in maximizing their calendars and in generating new revenue through incremental concerts and events.

Through a unique partnership, we not only play a key role in booking content but can also assist with deal negotiations,

scaling and ticketing, marketing support, premium seating, optimization of ancillary revenue streams, and event coordination.

Above all, our mission is to utilize our relationships with the biggest names in the live entertainment industry to deliver the world’s most exciting concert content for our members.

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