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We are passionate about venues.

We thrive on live events.

We are inspired by innovation.

At Oak View Group we are committed to being a positive disruption to the sports, live entertainment, and hospitality business. Our venues create long-lasting memories for our guests, and our number one goal is to provide the highest quality experience. OVG is the world’s leading venue development and management company, operating over 300+ venues across the globe. We are looking for driven, forward-thinking candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our growing teams. Positions are available out of our corporate offices in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, London (UK), and Toronto (Canada) in addition to localized roles at our venues. Open positions can be found via the link below.

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

OVG believes in the power of a diverse community and the value in appreciating the lived experiences of everyone at all levels of the company no matter their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status or ability. We believe that actionable, long-lasting change is driven by intentional practices which is why our focus is on building a diverse Workforce, cultivating an inclusive Workplace, and enhancing our marketplace so that it delivers culturally relevant products and services. As our nation learns how to face some its ills—racial injustice, gender bias, global oppression, heterosexism, religious intolerance, and ableism, OVG continues to grow and become reflective of our ever-evolving landscape. In times like these recognizing diversity, fostering inclusion, and working towards common core values have become more urgent than ever.

At OVG we know the importance of moving from ideals to action, and we are committed to building diverse talent pipelines, increasing development opportunities for underrepresented minorities, holding space for brave conversations, and investing in the communities that we serve. We know that to continue positively disrupting the sports and live entertainment industry, we need to hold ourselves accountable and reimagine our workforce, workplace, and marketplace so that it better reflects the communities we serve. While we are physically apart, we are not alone. Together, we achieve.

Diversity Pillars

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and initiatives are focused around three pillars:


Ensure we hire, retain and develop a workforce that reflect the clients and communities that we serve.


Maintain a workplace culture that values and leverages differences and similarities and drives innovation through inclusion.


Create client and customer value by partnering with diverse suppliers, engaging with the community, and delivering culturally relevant products and services.

Anti-Racism Statement

Oak View Group condemns racism in all forms, both institutional and individual racism, as it has no place in sports, live entertainment, or in our larger society. As racial discrimination, injustice, and violence continues to rise and be a part of public discourse, OVG firmly stands against intolerance and hate.

Although sports and live entertainment has taken some steps that begin to address racism and inequality, there is still much progress to be made across the industry, as evidenced through issues like exploitation of Black athletes, underrepresentation of BIPOC individuals in leadership, and tokenization within the racial composition of the workforce.

Our commitment to anti-racism is driven by three guiding principles: self-awareness, action, and accountability. As we begin our journey to becoming anti-racist and staying true to our mission, we have developed and will continue to evolve our programs, our practices, and our policies so that they address racial injustices and inequities. Because we own-and-operate and manage venues across the globe, anti-racism is not simply an organizational value – it lives in the fabric of our organization.

Please read the complete statement here.

Supplier Diversity Program

Interested in working with OVG?

Our goal is to build and maintain an inclusive supplier diversity program that provides maximum opportunity for small and diverse business to become OVG vendors. By providing local, small and diverse businesses opportunities to work with us, we foster economic inclusivity and ensure a positive impact is made in the communities where we operate.

Employee Resource Groups

OVG offers several Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s). These groups are voluntary networks led by OVG staff members that collaborate to discuss common characteristics, experiences, or goals. ERGs encourage employees to act together to develop new programs and spread awareness about potential issues from a DE&I lens. ERG’s are a staple in OVG’s DE&I mission and can provide employees with new perspectives and insights to boost their career and personal growth.

OVG Pride

OVG Pride seeks to increase LBGTQIA+ cultural awareness in order to foster an environment of safety, inclusion, and respect for all employees. Through networking with members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies, we enhance mutual support, and mentorship and support diversity and inclusion.

OVG Women’s Network

OWN is dedicated to development, advancement, and support of women at OVG by providing a forum/network to share best practices, accomplishment, and offer personal and professional development for women.

Black Oaks Network

Black Oak Network’s goal will be to serve all employees and our OVG community, and the allies by prioritizing the unique needs of Black employees in the workforce.

Hispanic Latin Alliance

HLA seeks to provide the company’s Hispanic and Latin employee community and allies with key representation and opportunities for personal and professional development through strategic partnerships, mentorship, and cross collaborations.

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