Our Executive Team

Founded by two sports, music and live entertainment visionaries, Tim Leiweke and Irving Azoff, who have both built their reputations on being a positive disruption and leaving somewhere better and stronger than where they found it.

We are industry veterans helping entrepreneurial and independent companies stand out from the competition. Our immense practical and first-hand knowledge foster an environment of trust and ingenuity. Humility is at our core. We’re not driven to be the biggest – we’re driven to protect, nurture and bring the best out of our clients’ businesses.

Tim Leiweke

Chief Executive Officer, OVG

Irving Azoff

Board Member, OVG

Francesca Bodie

President, OVG Business Development

Daniel Griffis

President, OVG Global Partnerships

Mike Downing

Chief Security Officer, OVG / President, Prevent Advisors

Peter Luukko

Co-Chairman, OVG Arena Alliance

Ray Waddell

President, OVG Media & Conferences

Jeff Nickler

Senior VP, OVG Arena Alliance

Erin Grady

Senior Director, OVG Media & Conferences

Ryan Brach

VP, Head of Global Partnerships, OVG Global Partnerships

Amy Gaskin

VP, Head of Partnership Activation, OVG Arena Alliance

Evan Levine

VP, Global Partnerships, OVG Global Partnerships